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  Terms & Conditions
Application for allotment on enclosed Application from along with earnest money or booking money. Allotment will be made on first come first serve basis. Buyers wising to make one time payment in full shall be given a special discount on the price of the apartment. Allotment of apartment is made and confirmed only upon receipt of the earnest money or booking money. the company reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason there of.
Signinq of Deed of Agreement:  
After confirmation of allotment, the buyer has to sign the deed of agreement within 30 days from the date of making the payment of booking money or earnest money.
All payments, reservation money installment etc. Shall be made by crossed cheque, pay-order, and bank draft in favor of NIRAPAD REAL ESTATE & DEVELOPMENT LTD. For which proper receipt will be issued. Foreigners and Non- Resident Bangladeshi may pay in foreign Exchange through bank.
Delay in payment:  
All payment should be made on date as per installment schedule to ensure timely completion of construction work. Delay in payment beyond the due date, the allottees will be liable to pay charge of 3% (three percent) per month on the amount of payment delay.
Cancellation of allotment:  
The company shall have the right to cancel the allotment if the payment of installment is delayed by two months or at the end of grace period of 15 days and after final intimation to the allottees by special messenger or registered post at the address given in the application form. In such an event the total amount deposited shall be refunded after deducting Taka: 1.00 (One Lac) only and after resale of type apartment in question.
The possessions of apartment will be handed over to purchaser after completion of installments and other charges. Until and unless the dues are not paid, possession of the apartment will not be handed over to the allotee.
NRDL's Riqht:  
The company reserves the right to make changes in both architectural and structural design of the project limited changes can be made in specification of overall interest of the complex.
Transfer and Registration:  
The company will register a deed of scale in favor of buyer after receiving the price in full. The buyer shall bear all costs relating to stamp papers and all taxes (such as transfer fee. stamp duty, gain tax, registration fee. etc.) Registration of deed of scale on valuation of the space with proportionate share of land. Power attorney if any, legal costs, vat or any other taxes imposed by the government in connection with transference of the apartment will be bear by the al lotee.
Transfer of Apartment:  
Until making the full payment. Installments and other charges, the buyer shall not have the right to transfer the allotment to tired party other than the buyer's wife / husband or children without written approval of the company.
Documentation cost:  
The allottee shall bear all costs related with stamp duties, registration fees, taxes, VAT, etc, including legal and miscellaneous expenses likely to be incurred in connection with land And apartment transfer.
Service facilities cost:  
All connection fees/charges, security deposits and other incidental expenses relating to Gas, power sewerage, water connection electrical sub-station cost etc. Will be on the allottee's account. Allottee will be charged proportionate.
Minor changed may be incorporated by the company in design and specification, should these become necessary. Minor internal changes also may be done by the allottee but it must be within the possibilities and limitation of the total building system and must be executed through company.
Completion time:  
Construction is scheduled to be completed by September 2009. The time schedule may be extended by a reasonable time limit due to non-availability of quality materials and unforeseen circumstances which are beyond the control of company.
Abandon of project:  
If the project is abandoned for any reason beyond the control of company such as natural calamity, Civil war, Strike, or any acts of God, Economic depression policy of the Govt, then the Company shall not be held liable for any result, delay or abandoning the project.
Owner's Association:  
The allottees shall from a committee within themselves for managing affairs of common interest. Each allottee shall deposit TK.20.000/= (Twenty Thousand) to the company for the reserve fund of the society before taking possession of flat which only reserve for common service expenses of the Complex.
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